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Peking Rugs:

Peking rugs - Chinese works of art for your home

History and characteristics of Peking rugs

Peking rugs originate from the city of Beijing in China and are among the most famous carpets in Asia. The art of carpet weaving was introduced to China by the Manchus in the 17th century and has since developed into an important craft. Peking rugs are characterized by their soft, silky wool and intricate patterns. Traditionally, the rugs are made in earth tones such as beige, brown and green, but there are also modern variations with bold colors and abstract patterns.

A piece of Chinese art history for your home

Beijing rugs are not only a beautiful piece of decoration, but also a piece of Chinese art history. The intricate patterns and soft, silky wool make each Peking rug a work of art. The rugs are available in different sizes and are suitable for any room in the house. Peking rugs are especially durable and long-lasting, making them suitable for high-traffic areas like hallways or living rooms. If you want a piece of Chinese art history in your home, a Peking rug is the perfect choice. Each rug is a work of art and is hand-knotted by skilled artisans. The soft, silky wool and intricate patterns make each Peking rug unique. Add an exotic touch to your home with a Peking rug and enjoy the timeless design and durability of this Asian work of art.

Chinese rugs: Chinese rugs are very high quality and finely widespread. Contrary to the public image of Chinese products, China has an ancient and long tradition that goes back a long way. Chinese hand-knotted rugs of very good quality and the finest silk bridges in the world are also knotted here.

Flor : flor

Chain: chain

Hand knotted quality: Hand-knotted rugs are true works of art and, depending on the quality, require very good training and a high degree of patience. Knotting by hand makes the rugs much finer, smoother and higher quality than with other methods.

More details

Article No. 1012929
Size 154 x 242 cm
Provenance Peking
Origin China
Knots approx. ca. 300000 / m²
Height approx. 7-10mm
Manufactured Hand Knotted

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  • Underfloor heating suitable
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