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Loribaft Rug 150 x 200 Loribaft
146 x 200
636€ 410€
Rug Loribaft 240 x 170 Loribaft
171 x 241
Vintage Rug 390 x 290 Vintage
290 x 390
8,687€ 5,200€
Patchwork Rug 120 x 190 Patchwork
117 x 189
529€ 291€
Asman Rug 250 x 310 Asman
247 x 305
7,973€ 4,391€
Rug Asman 150 x 100 Asman
102 x 152
1,100€ 714€
Loribaft Rug 240 x 170 Loribaft
166 x 238
1,350€ 809€
Asman Rug 250 x 200 Asman
197 x 249
2,534€ 2,023€
Vintage Rug 370 x 270 Vintage
270 x 365
4,986€ 2,986€
Loribaft Rug 170 x 240 Loribaft
167 x 241
1,106€ 886€
Loribaft Rug 90 x 160 Loribaft
94 x 156
791€ 476€
Rug Nepal 200 x 300 Nepal
201 x 299
Rug Loribaft 170 x 240 Loribaft
167 x 238
Rug Loribaft 310 x 200 Loribaft
203 x 305
2,986€ 2,391€
Rug Loribaft 300 x 190 Loribaft
194 x 303
4,022€ 2,213€
Rug Loribaft 90 x 60 Loribaft
62 x 86
260€ 143€
Rug Loribaft 300 x 80 Loribaft
79 x 299
Rug Vintage 410 x 300 Vintage
302 x 414
Rug Loribaft 90 x 60 Loribaft
64 x 91
Rug Loribaft 290 x 200 Loribaft
198 x 287
Rug Loribaft 190 x 80 Loribaft
78 x 190
Rug Loribaft 210 x 150 Loribaft
154 x 210
Rug Gabbeh 210 x 160 Gabbeh
156 x 207
2,641€ 1,719€
Rug Gabbeh 190 x 160 Gabbeh
161 x 190
2,255€ 1,130€
Loribaft Rug 330 x 250 Loribaft
249 x 330
4,652€ 2,784€
Asman Rug 240 x 170 Asman
165 x 241
Loribaft Rug 260 x 240 Loribaft
242 x 260
2,903€ 2,320€
Neo Rug 370 x 270 Neo
267 x 368
9,639€ 5,771€
Loribaft Rug 180 x 190 Loribaft
186 x 179
Vintage Rug 400 x 300 Vintage
300 x 403
Vintage Rug 410 x 290 Vintage
289 x 409
Loribaft Rug 250 x 80 Loribaft
77 x 252
Loribaft Rug 250 x 170 Loribaft
169 x 252
Loribaft Rug 240 x 170 Loribaft
172 x 240
Loribaft Rug 240 x 180 Loribaft
176 x 239
Loribaft Rug 90 x 50 Loribaft
54 x 89
Loribaft Rug 240 x 170 Loribaft
171 x 243
Loribaft Rug 240 x 170 Loribaft
168 x 242
Loribaft Rug 170 x 240 Loribaft
170 x 240
Gabbeh Rug 170 x 240 Gabbeh
170 x 240
684€ 446€
1 From 179
Modern Rugs

Modern rugs - traditional art of knotting meets innovative designs.

The art of rug knotting is one of the oldest crafts of mankind. In the past, rugs served mainly for heat insulation and isolation, while today modern rugs enhance a home environment as a high-quality accessory. For this purpose, today there is a variety of modern rugs available, which have their individual response to different styles of interior design. Especially the feeling of coziness is created by a hand-knotted and modern rug.

Classic patterns interpreted in a new and modern way

From today's point of view, the classic patterns are often too exuberant and heavy. Through new combinations, the modern rugs are revived and combine classic proven with contemporary elements. For this, the rule is usually: Less is more. Popular elements are for example:

  • High-low pile pattern: here the pile is worked in minimally different heights to give the rug an additional artistic touch
  • Partly Padding: This gives the impression that parts of the pattern are faint or non-existent, however, this is done intentionally and brings a shallow and relaxed mood to the spatial environment
  • Used Look: Used Look goes one step further and combines a haptic component to it, by also wearing away the pile in certain places.

Fresh and bright colors

Modern rugs today are reduced in pattern so that the color is more prominent. Since the colors are more in focus and shape the and appearance, a modern rug is knotted only with selected and harmonious colors. These fit perfectly into a modern interior.

Variety of modern rugs - from Asman to Zielger

Indian designer rugs - Asman, Neo and others

Modern rugs from India inspire with innovative designs and fresh color combinations. Indian designer rugs today win various awards for their revolutionary and futuristic look. Also qualitatively, these hand-knotted modern rugs are exceptionally well made. In the pile of the rug is usually incorporated a high quality mix of silk and virgin wool. The demand for these rugs has grown so much at the moment that the production of these modern rugs can hardly keep up. Each is individually designed in color and pattern, and therefore gets its unique character.

Plain modern rugs - about Gabbeh, Loribaft and Nepal rugs

Gabbeh rugs: The Gabbeh rug originally comes from Persia and is still knotted there today in high quality. A modern Gabbeh rug is characterized by a thick pile of up to 25mm, which is knotted from genuine hand-spun virgin wool. However, since the late 90s Gabbeh rugs are primarily knotted in India. These Indian and modern rugs are usually a bit less expensive and a bit quieter in appearance.

Loribaft rugs: The Loren, a nomadic tribe in western Iran, initially developed this rug for their own use. However, it was so popular for its quality and pattern that it had a large following abroad as well. Today's Loribaft rugs have a reduced pattern and are mostly monochrome rug. To this day, modern rugs are of a very sturdy quality, allowing them to blend well into a modern interior.

Nepal rugs: Modern Nepal rugs are characterized by a thick and firm pile. These rugs are knotted with the wool of sheep that live on the edge of the Himalayan mountains. The knotting is usually coarser, but since a lot of virgin wool is tied per knot, the rug is still compact and firm in the pile. The wool is usually hardly dyed, which creates the natural and cozy character of this modern rug.

Oriental patchwork and vintage rugs

Patchwork and vintage rugs are probably the most popular modern rugs at the moment. They are made from antique rugs that would otherwise no longer be used. For this purpose, the rug is recycled, in which it is re-dyed and then sanded in the pile. In modern patchwork rug, the rug is redesigned from various rug remnants. Modern rugs of this type correspond to today's zeitgeist, because you take up the aspect of sustainability and reusability.

Modern Kelim rugs in Scandinavian design

Novelty kilim rugs in shallow and soft colors fit very well into a modern Scandinavian furnished environment. The light nature of a modern kilim gives the room a friendly and pleasant touch.

Modern Ziegler rugs - bright colors and new patterns

Modern Ziegler rugs today shine in bold neon colors and have a strong character. These unusual rugs act as an invigorating element in a modern and usually plain interior. A modern rug of this type is often used as an eye-catcher and evokes a wow effect.

Hand-knotted rugs - modern and sustainable

Rugs knotted in time-consuming manual work still belong in an interior for well-being. The unique and invigorating character of a unique modern rug is essential in a cozy interior.

Genuine new wool - a renewable and natural resource

Unlike synthetic fabrics, virgin wool is the best material for a genuine modern rug. Virgin wool offers many positive qualities. These include:

  • Long-lasting quality of the natural wool fibers
  • Improvement of room acoustics
  • Natural regulation of humidity in the room
  • Renewable and environmentally friendly raw material
  • Natural feel

Long-lasting beauty through hand-knotted quality

A hand-knotted rug is clearly superior to a machine-made rug in longevity and high quality. Also, modern rugs in hand-knotted quality are absolutely unique pieces that have a natural aura of uniqueness compared to mass-produced rugs.

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