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Hereke Rug 250 x 310 Hereke
248 x 310
Rug Cashmere Silk 270 x 180 Cashmere Silk
182 x 272
Rug Cashmere Silk 130 x 180 Cashmere Silk
129 x 182
Rug Qum 80 x 120 Qum
81 x 118
Rug Qum 90 x 60 Qum
61 x 94
Rug Cashmere Silk 240 x 240 Cashmere Silk
238 x 238
Rug Cashmere Silk 310 x 210 Cashmere Silk
213 x 309
Cashmere Silk Rug 230 x 50 Cashmere Silk
46 x 232
Qum Rug 340 x 250 Qum
249 x 341
Cashmere Silk Rug 170 x 260 Cashmere Silk
169 x 255
Cashmere Silk Rug 210 x 210 Cashmere Silk
210 x 211
Cashmere Silk Rug 180 x 280 Cashmere Silk
184 x 277
Hereke Rug 50 x 60 Hereke
48 x 62
Cashmere Silk Rug 80 x 260 Cashmere Silk
80 x 262
Rug Cashmere Silk 50 x 220 Cashmere Silk
47 x 216
Rug Qum 80 x 120 Qum
82 x 117
Rug Qum 250 x 160 Qum
157 x 245
Rug Qum 180 x 130 Qum
126 x 183
Rug Cashmere Silk 150 x 100 Cashmere Silk
96 x 150
Rug Qum 200 x 130 Qum
130 x 202
Rug Qum 150 x 100 Qum
101 x 146
Hereke Rug 150 x 90 Hereke
92 x 152
Qum Rug 150 x 100 Qum
101 x 150
Qum Rug 90 x 60 Qum
62 x 89
Cashmere Silk Rug 60 x 100 Cashmere Silk
64 x 97
Afghan Rug 80 x 130 Afghan
78 x 127
Qum Rug 80 x 120 Qum
83 x 117
Qum Rug 60 x 90 Qum
61 x 88
Qum Rug 160 x 240 Qum
161 x 242
Rug Hereke 80 x 370 Hereke
79 x 367
Rug Qum 130 x 200 Qum
128 x 200
Rug Hereke 280 x 370 Hereke
275 x 370
Rug Hereke 120 x 180 Hereke
123 x 180
Rug Hereke 130 x 190 Hereke
127 x 191
Rug Hereke 130 x 190 Hereke
128 x 190
Rug 180 x 290 Teppich
183 x 287
Rug Cashmere Silk 170 x 250 Cashmere Silk
172 x 246
Rug Cashmere Silk 80 x 130 Cashmere Silk
77 x 132
1 From 32
Silk Rugs

Silk rugs overview

A hand-knotted silk rug - Exquisite, valuable and exquisitely elegant

In our online store we present you noble, high-quality and hand-knotted silk rugs as unique pieces in a particularly large number of pieces. A rug made of silk captivates with its unique coloring, is qualitatively first-class, elegant and finely made. Hand-knotted from pure silk and carefully manufactured, an oriental rug always gives your rooms a homely, inimitable ambience, whether decoratively mounted on the wall or lying on the floor. Outstanding, for example, in Ghom, Hereke and Kashmir rugs is the exact knotting, which is created in careful handwork over months. Whether the precious Ghom rug knotted in India and Iran or the Hereke made with about 1,000,000 knots per square meter from China and Turkey: Excellent and luxurious silk rugs buy conveniently through our online store!

What is special about oriental rugs and what makes them so unique?

The production of rugs goes back to a tradition that has lasted for thousands of years. Even before the birth of Christ, the peoples of Central and Central Asia decorated their tents with the woven works of art. In the late Middle Ages, court manufactories were founded by shahs, moguls and sultans, where the knotting techniques for oriental rugs were further refined. In general, the manufacture of these products, in addition to the regions already mentioned, also takes place in Tibet, the Caucasus, the Maghreb and Pakistan. The silk rug becomes exceptionally precious not only because of the use of pure silk, but also because of the number of knots per square meter. Because the denser this is, the more complex is the production, which gives the oriental rug its exclusivity and not least its durability. Furthermore, the value of such a work of art depends on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Origin
  • Color and pattern
  • Type of knotting
  • Material

The knotting density of a pure silk rug

Knotting density is the number of knots per square meter. However, this varies from country to country in which the rug was made. For example, the knot count in China is based on different assumptions than a hand-knotted silk rug from India. Therefore, you should note that depending on the region, there are different systems for indicating the knot density. We carry for you the highest quality oriental rugs from Turkey, China, India as well as Iran. Our exclusive silk rug uniques are without exception characterized by a particularly high knot density and the use of high-quality silk - another feature for the exclusivity of our products, which you can expect when you buy everything from our silk rugs.

What are the characteristics of silk rugs?

Pure silk rugs are famous all over the world and are considered the noblest and finest rugs of the Orient. Unlike Persian rugs, which often feature bold hues, most of our silk rugs are crafted in soft pastel tones. Nevertheless, strong color accents can be set on a silk rug with strong colors, such as red, or through natural tones, such as sand-colored nuances. Such products have a particularly long life and are often even inherited, since, for example, a hundred-year preservation use is not uncommon. The great silk rug knot density as well as the color brilliance make the rug of silk a special work of art with unique flair. Especially noble and unique silk rugs they furthermore also provided with a signature. In the signature, the knotting manufacture of the Turkish and Persian silk rugs is recorded.

What is actually silk? A short digression

Silk is a purely natural product and is produced by the mulberry moth, a butterfly originally native to China. 30 days after its birth, it begins to pupate and in the following three days produces a fine thread about 2800 m long. To put this into perspective, it takes one ton of silk cocoons to produce 115 kg of suitable raw silk for further processing, which in turn requires 50,000 caterpillars. Since a single cocoon thread is too fine for the production of rug silk, six to eleven threads at a time are taken together to form a raw silk thread. The coiled silk is boiled in a soapy liquor to remove the silk mucilage produced by the caterpillar as a binder and to make it pliable. Both the production of the cocoon and the breeding of new caterpillars and processing of the silk cocoon are extremely time consuming, which is what makes rug silk so valuable.

What is the best way to clean your silk rug?

We recommend that you clean your silk rug with little water and only with special cleaning agents that do not attack the material. Please always take care to preserve the structure as well as the shine of the rug, as hand-knotted rugs made of pure silk are very sensitive. If you want to clean your rug yourself, you can treat it with special agents or even with a damp cloth if it is not so dirty. If you do not want to take any risks, it is best to have it treated by experts in cleaning. This should always be done in a rug cleaning, as chemicals can attack the silk rug. Therefore, for everyday use in the home with a child and pets, a pure silk rug is not suitable, but as a decorative accessory conjures up a fascinating eye-catcher on any apartment wall.

With Ghom, Kashmir and Hereke rugs we present you the most precious from the world of silk rugs

The Persian city of Ghom is located 150 kilometers south of Tehran. Here rug weaving for genuine Persian rugs has developed only at the beginning of the 20th century. Characteristic of the Ghom rug is the noble production, with Persian knots often tightly knotted. The design for these high quality Persian rugs have their origins in various areas of Iran. The Kashmir rug is famous all over the world. The motives and also the color compositions are very traditional and have their origin in the Mogul dynasty of the 16th century. Hereke, the town on the northern gulf shore of Izmit, has been home to traditional Turkish rug weaving for centuries. It is virtually synonymous with the splendor and unique quality of its products. A Hereke rug is characterized by traditional patterns and motifs as well as Ottoman ornaments.

A sigated silk rug for the wall

An Exclusive silk rug makes an excellent wall hanging. A particularly valuable piece is signed by its master. When looking for a suitable silk rug, we will be happy to help you browse through our assortment. If you are looking for a pure silk rug, we recommend a rug knotted on a warp of silk. A warp of silk guarantees a very fine knotting and is usually signed. Each silk tapestry is delivered with a certificate that contains all the information.

Buy pure silk tapestries online at Rugway

Browse now to your heart's content in our online store, and treat yourself to one of our fine silk rugs of the highest quality! With us you will find your unique piece made of pure silk. In great colors like red, blue and beige everything is represented. A Persian rug knotted with real silk is exclusive and keeps its value. Online you can be inspired by our wide selection and buy your own silk rug! Our portal, awarded with the prestigious seal "Trusted Shops", always guarantees you an absolutely risk-free purchase, because your complete satisfaction is always our highest aspiration! If you are in possession of an antique silk rug we can also make you an offer for purchase.

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