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Rug Nain 160 x 240 Nain
160 x 240
5,450€ 4,355€
Samarkand Rug 290 x 210 Samarkand
207 x 293
4,652€ 2,558€
Herati Rug 170 x 240 Herati
173 x 242
Sarouk Rug 100 x 160 Sarouk
102 x 158
886€ 708€
Loribaft Rug 160 x 250 Loribaft
155 x 245
928€ 559€
Loribaft Rug 150 x 200 Loribaft
146 x 200
571€ 458€
Rizbaft Rug 120 x 180 Rizbaft
123 x 181
1,225€ 737€
Rug Ziegler 250 x 310 Ziegler
248 x 308
4,712€ 2,356€
Rug Mir 90 x 160 Mir
93 x 160
Rug Cashmere Silk 130 x 180 Cashmere Silk
126 x 182
Rug Kilim 200 x 290 Kilim
201 x 293
1,422€ 850€
Rug Samarkand 100 x 150 Samarkand
101 x 149
838€ 458€
Rug Afshar 140 x 220 Afshar
137 x 218
910€ 589€
Rug Sarouk 410 x 300 Sarouk
304 x 407
Rug Kilim 250 x 170 Kilim
174 x 250
886€ 529€
Rug Loribaft 240 x 170 Loribaft
171 x 241
1,023€ 612€
Rug Ziegler 240 x 180 Ziegler
180 x 241
3,296€ 2,629€
Rug Kashan 400 x 270 Kashan
272 x 400
2,499€ 1,993€
Ziegler Rug 220 x 160 Ziegler
158 x 220
1,666€ 999€
Samarkand Rug 150 x 100 Samarkand
104 x 147
642€ 511€
Hereke Rug 250 x 310 Hereke
248 x 310
Tabriz Rug 200 x 310 Tabriz
203 x 305
3,236€ 2,582€
Patchwork Rug 120 x 190 Patchwork
117 x 189
589€ 293€
Ziegler Rug 170 x 240 Ziegler
172 x 240
Ziegler Rug 80 x 250 Ziegler
82 x 250
1,094€ 767€
Asman Rug 250 x 310 Asman
247 x 305
6,426€ 5,128€
Afghan Rug 150 x 190 Afghan
147 x 190
Kilim Rug 200 x 310 Kilim
203 x 307
1,422€ 850€
Rug Ziegler 150 x 200 Ziegler
149 x 199
1,142€ 910€
Rug Kilim 220 x 290 Kilim
220 x 290
1,725€ 1,035€
Rug Ziegler 160 x 210 Ziegler
160 x 211
1,541€ 1,005€
Rug Samarkand 130 x 180 Samarkand
126 x 181
957€ 761€
Rug Cashmere Silk 280 x 190 Cashmere Silk
188 x 282
4,284€ 3,427€
Rug Tabriz 430 x 310 Tabriz
305 x 427
19,278€ 9,639€
Rug Isfahan 280 x 190 Isfahan
186 x 278
8,865€ 5,307€
Rug Tabriz 240 x 170 Tabriz
168 x 242
2,046€ 1,332€
Rug Cashmere Silk 270 x 180 Cashmere Silk
182 x 272
4,426€ 3,546€
Rug Kilim 290 x 200 Kilim
204 x 293
1,279€ 767€
Rug Samarkand 200 x 150 Samarkand
148 x 202
1,213€ 969€
Rug Asman 150 x 100 Asman
102 x 152
1 From 934
Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs overview

Hand knotted oriental rugs - style and elegance for your home

Genuine hand-knotted oriental rugs are considered to be the most beautiful and best in the world. In the past they were often found in classically furnished households, but for several years now they have been especially appreciated for their originality and authenticity. With the return to genuine values, oriental rugs are also very much in vogue again today. Whether rustic, well bourgeois or modern, the rugs fit in seamlessly and give any room a pleasant, homely atmosphere. Especially a modern interior, which often turns out simple and straightforward, can thereby be given a classic rug an exotic and valuable touch.

Definition oriental rug

The variety of oriental rugs and their respective characteristics are often difficult to overview even for experts. Already with the term "Orient" it is often unclear which exact area is to be described with it. This gap is caused by different valuation approaches. While today we usually equate the Muslim countries of the Near and Middle East with the Orient, the Orient was once referred to as the Orient. With it all Asian countries south of Russia, thus also China, and the north African countries were included. The Oriental rug is also based on this older territorial definition and thus Moroccan and Chinese rugs also belong to it.

Brief information about the most important countries of origin of oriental rugs

  • Persian rugs: Persian rugs are probably the best known oriental carpets. A Persian rug is characterized by its expressive animal and floral illustrations. Due to their incredible variety, there is something for almost every taste. Exclusive Isfahan rugs, indestructible Bijar rugs and woolly Gabbeh rugs are just a few of the many Persian provenances in which high-quality rugs are knotted by hand.
  • Afghan rugs: In Afghanistan, rugs are an important part of culture and daily life. Afghan rugs are short pile, finely knotted and reddish brown in color. Despite the ongoing conflicts in the country, genuine Afghan oriental rugs are still knotted. Due to their calm character, they have found many friends around the world.
  • Turkish rugs: Hand-knotted Turkish oriental rugs have become very rare today. Well known are the small and extremely fine silk bridges from the city of Hereke. A Hereke rug can have up to 3 million knots per square meter. However, you should be careful when buying on vacation. Often imitations are sold there at unreasonable prices.
  • Indian rugs: India is where most of the world's Oriental rugs are hand-knotted today. The oriental and Muslim influence came to India in various conquests of Central Asian powers. The manufactories established at that time also brought the art of rug weaving to the country. Today, Indian tea rugs are characterized by exceptionally soft wool and a very good price.
  • Chinese rugs: The Middle Kingdom belongs to the extended definition of the Orient. Contrary to the country's widely known reputation today, Chinese rugs date back to a time when China stood for exceptional art objects. Fortunately, for the hand-knotted oriental rugs, this standard of quality has been preserved. As the country of origin of real silk, the silk rugs in particular are exceptionally beautiful and fine.
  • Pakistani rugs: In Pakistan's history, rug knotting has played a rather minor role. Today, mainly the very popular Ziegler rugs are knotted here. Here they were knotted from their original design in many new patterns. In terms of color, these are often beige and red. In exceptional cases, these rugs are also knotted with blue or green. The pile of Ziegler rugs is short and robust.
  • Moroccan rugs: The Moroccan Berber rug is probably the thickest and wooliest in the entire Orient. The feel of this rug is incredibly soft. However, you should have a separate eye on the quality of the wool, because the cheapest offer is often not the best.
  • Uzbek rugs: Oriental rugs are no longer knotted in Uzbekistan today. Once the country lay on the legendary Silk Road on which already Marco Polo traveled in the 13th century and brought us closer to the Far Eastern culture. The popular Bukhara rugs originate from today's city of Buxoro.
  • Rugs from Nepal: In the country at the roof of the world, high-pile and woolly Nepal rugs are knotted. Their colors are usually very original and natural.

What makes a hand-knotted oriental rug?

The tradition of hand-knotting rugs has a very long and ancient past. It is estimated that this originated in Central Asia about 3000 years ago and relatively quickly underwent an amazingly high professionalization. Thus, the oldest preserved rug, the so-called Pasyryk rug, was already knotted with a total of 1,300,000 symmetrical double knots, which requires a distinct knowledge of rug knotting. Even today, most oriental rugs are still knotted by hand with great dedication and attention to detail. The difference to a machine-made rug is quickly apparent even to laymen. Machine reknotted rugs are harder and processed with synthetic fibers. They also lack the natural authority and originality of a genuine hand-knotted oriental rug. In addition, the high-quality wool of a genuine hand-knotted rug ensures that the room acoustics and climate are noticeably improved. This is another property that a rug made of synthetic fibers cannot offer.

Buy a real oriental rug at Rugway

At Rugway we offer a complete range of genuine hand-knotted oriental rugs. We can draw on over 40 years of experience and expertise. Through our competent network of suppliers, we can also offer you the rugs at reasonable prices. Make yourselves with pleasure an overview and look around with us. If the decision is difficult for you, you can contact us by mail or telephone. Otherwise, we offer a 30-day return policy and free round-trip shipping.

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