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Vintage Rug 390 x 290 Vintage
290 x 390
6,961€ 5,569€
Patchwork Rug 120 x 190 Patchwork
117 x 189
470€ 309€
Vintage Rug 370 x 270 Vintage
270 x 365
Rug Patchwork 190 x 300 Patchwork
187 x 298
636€ 511€
Rug Patchwork 180 x 250 Patchwork
180 x 253
Rug Patchwork 170 x 240 Patchwork
171 x 238
838€ 499€
Rug Patchwork 200 x 300 Patchwork
201 x 301
1,499€ 827€
Rug Patchwork 180 x 260 Patchwork
180 x 255
583€ 410€
Rug Vintage 290 x 370 Vintage
374 x 285
Rug Vintage 300 x 390 Vintage
392 x 301
6,961€ 3,462€
Patchwork Rug 240 x 170 Patchwork
168 x 243
Patchwork Rug 340 x 200 Patchwork
197 x 337
946€ 565€
Patchwork Rug 200 x 300 Patchwork
200 x 300
2,856€ 1,428€
Vintage Rug 290 x 430 Vintage
294 x 427
3,581€ 1,969€
Rug Vintage 390 x 290 Vintage
387 x 294
5,366€ 3,760€
Rug Patchwork 280 x 190 Patchwork
189 x 278
868€ 696€
Rug Vintage 430 x 300 Vintage
300 x 430
5,069€ 4,057€
Patchwork Rug 260 x 160 Patchwork
162 x 262
1,743€ 1,047€
Patchwork Rug 290 x 210 Patchwork
205 x 290
1,362€ 886€
Patchwork Rug 310 x 200 Patchwork
202 x 308
2,130€ 1,279€
Vintage Rug 250 x 340 Vintage
337 x 249
Patchwork Rug 240 x 170 Patchwork
170 x 237
577€ 345€
Patchwork Rug 170 x 240 Patchwork
170 x 240
1,368€ 886€
Patchwork Rug 370 x 400 Patchwork
373 x 400
Patchwork Rug 250 x 310 Patchwork
251 x 308
886€ 708€
Patchwork Rug 170 x 240 Patchwork
174 x 240
Rug Patchwork 180 x 230 Patchwork
175 x 231
Rug Patchwork 170 x 250 Patchwork
171 x 245
Rug Patchwork 240 x 170 Patchwork
167 x 240
1,719€ 946€
Rug Patchwork 250 x 170 Patchwork
169 x 245
850€ 511€
Rug Patchwork 240 x 170 Patchwork
170 x 240
1,535€ 922€
Rug Patchwork 210 x 140 Patchwork
143 x 210
803€ 440€
Rug Vintage 240 x 350 Vintage
346 x 244
3,593€ 2,867€
Patchwork Rug 280 x 190 Patchwork
188 x 278
1,344€ 737€
Patchwork Rug 240 x 170 Patchwork
171 x 238
1,398€ 1,118€
Patchwork Rug 190 x 280 Patchwork
188 x 278
1,416€ 708€
Patchwork Rug 300 x 400 Patchwork
304 x 398
1,386€ 1,112€
Vintage Rug 290 x 410 Vintage
288 x 410
3,367€ 2,023€
Rug Vintage 280 x 380 Vintage
284 x 380
6,247€ 4,069€
Rug Vintage 300 x 390 Vintage
295 x 390
3,641€ 1,820€
1 From 88
Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs - antique treasures revived

Genuine vintage rugs are made from old and used rugs, which in an elaborate process revive the beauty of classic rugs. The basic rug of these magnificent and modern vintage rugs are usually still much too good rugs that have fallen into oblivion. The rugs are painstakingly hand dyed and refurbished. This willfully created used look, which shows through the processing, in the now beautiful rug again, can be found today also in various furniture and clothing styles.

Manufacture of vintage rugs

The production of vintage rugs begins the thorough cleaning and processing of the rugs. Then, the vintage rugs are dyed, which gives them their fresh and elegant appearance. After the pile of the rugs has taken the color, they are then sanded by hand with great care. This process in necessary to give the vintage rugs a rustic and contrasting look. For true vintage rugs, sanding is done with a sandstone.

Beige Vintage Rugs: Natural elegance for your home

Add a touch of natural beauty to your living space with our beige vintage rugs. The warm earth tones perfectly match a variety of interior styles and create a cozy atmosphere. Our beige vintage rugs are carefully selected to add a touch of timeless elegance to your home. Each rug tells its own story and adds a unique character to your space.

New Vintage Rugs: Authentic charm in contemporary design

Experience the fusion of tradition and modernity with our new Vintage rugs. With their unique patterns and color combinations, they bring a breath of fresh air to your interior and can be combined in many ways. Our new vintage rugs combine the authentic charm of times gone by with a modern touch. Each rug is carefully made from high quality materials and is unique, giving individuality to your living space.

200x300 cm Vintage Rugs: Generous size for impressive rooms

Create a focal point in your living or dining area with our 200x300 cm vintage rugs. This generous size fills the space and adds a luxurious touch, while the vintage look adds a touch of nostalgia. Our 200x300 cm vintage rugs are available in a variety of designs, including oriental patterns or abstract motifs, for example. Find the rug that will perfectly match your interior style and turn your room into a real highlight.

Vintage rugs on sale: stylish bargains for your home

Discover our vintage rugs on sale and expand your interior at an unbeatable price. Whether you're looking for beige, turquoise or solid color designs, you'll find high-quality rugs that will enhance your home without breaking your budget. Our sale includes a variety of vintage rugs in different sizes, including the popular 200x300 cm size. Take advantage of our attractive offers and transform your home into a stylish retreat.

Classic elegance with beige vintage rugs

Dive into the world of timeless beauty with our beige vintage rugs. The subtle hues will harmonize with a variety of interior styles and add a classic elegance to your space. Whether you prefer a modern minimalism or a rustic country style, our beige vintage rugs will fit seamlessly into your home decor. Each rug has been selected with attention to detail to provide you with a high quality product that will add a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home.

New vintage rugs in trendy turquoise.

Add color to your home with our new vintage rugs in vibrant turquoise. The fresh color scheme and classic design will add a modern yet nostalgic touch to your space. Turquoise vintage rugs are a real eye-catcher and set accents in any room. Whether in the living room, bedroom or office - these rugs create a pleasant atmosphere and become the highlight of your interior. Browse our assortment and discover the variety of turquoise vintage rugs that will give your home an individual touch.

Size and style combined: 200x300 cm vintage rugs.

Bring home not only an impressive design, but also a generous size with our 200x300 cm vintage rugs. These rugs will fill your space and create an atmosphere of luxury and style. The combination of the generous size and unique vintage design makes these rugs truly eye-catching. Whether you have a large living area, a spacious dining room, or an elegant entryway, our 200x300 cm vintage rugs will fit perfectly and add an appealing aesthetic to your space.

Advantages of a hand-knotted vintage rug

An original vintage rug based on an antique hand-knotted rug is a true natural product that prioritizes sustainability and reuse. A vintage rug is proof that there is treasure hidden even in an unassuming old rug. Many synthetically produced vintage rugs, unfortunately, lack all of these qualities, merely giving the appearance of being old.

Buy vintage rugs - Rugway offers you the most beautiful selection!

In our store you will find a wide variety of genuine vintage rugs, made from a wide variety of Persian rugs. A wide selection of ornate ornaments and vibrant colors are ready for you to choose from. With our free round-trip shipping and 30-day return policy, we offer unparalleled service. Furthermore, if you have any questions about our vintage rugs or the ordering process, please feel free to contact us.

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